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The Beginning of DFW Social Media Marketing

It was a chilly morning in March of 2009 when Stephanie Inge called me and asked to meet her for lunch.  She had realized that nowhere in the DFW area could anyone go regularly to learn about social media marketing.  So after discussing it we believed that together we could bring a Meetup to DFW that was open to everyone who shares an interest in learning and/or sharing more about practical applications of social media in business. We immediately formed the DFW Social Media Marketing Meetup

Our mission is to share, learn and network. Meetings are structured, yet casual and friendly to encourage open discussion, so all members will feel free to participate. We want you to leave every meeting having gained new knowledge and insight into how you can grow your business and personal brand.

Our first meeting was in March of 2009 where we met with about 30 people and shared our goals and made some plans. One of the first things we did was to move our venue to Dave & Buster’s in anticipation of a large crowd.  And we were not disappointed.  We had a sellout crowd!

MeetupGrowth Has Been Phenomenal

Our growth since March has phenomenal and we owe so much toe Meetup format. We are just a few members short of reaching 500 members and are the largest dedicated Social Media Marketing Meetupgroup in the world!!  We have some of the greatest speakers and attendees that anyone could ask for.  Meetup is a tremendous example of just one form of Social Media Marketing.  Yes, it really is a form…so much more than Twitter, FaceBook and Linkedin out there.

Monthly meetings will include one or two guest speakers, who will speak with us about various social media technologies and trends, ranging from blogs and podcasts, to affiliate marketing. We will learn how the various social media applications can be implemented into our PR and marketing campaigns.

Here are just some of the topics and applications that we  cover during our monthly meetings, podcasts and webinars…Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Ning, Flickr, Youtube, Viddler, Ustream, Slideshare, Meetup.com, Friendster, BlogTalkRadio, Talkshoe, Blogger and many more platforms.

The Future of DFW Social Media Marketing

We are in the midst of planning our 2010 calendar now and have some wonderful surprises in place for our members.  If you are interested in speaking or have something to share please contact me so we can discuss it.  What we don’t allow at our meetings or through our Meetup group is blatant advertising. We are here for educational purposes. Our goal is to give members a place to go to learn how to use Social Media Marketing so that it is effective for their business and also the ability to network with other business owners.

Thank you Dallas and Ft. Worth for making the DFW Social Media Marketing Meetup a major success. Another big thank you to Stephanie Inge for thinking of me as a partner when you wanted to start this group.

If haven’t already, please check out our group and join us if you can.  DFW Social Media Marketing Meetup

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Proud Member of DFW Social Media Marketing Meetup